Event Recap – Wellness Dinner with Current EM residents

6/8/17 at Hannah Hays’ Residence

A total of 14 residents as well as alumni and their significant others gathered at Dr. Hannah Hays’ residence. We bonded over dinner and pleasant conversations in a low stress environment. We learned about the exciting plans of several graduating seniors (e.g. Jason Bischof is going to UNC on a research fellowship and Mike Purcell is staying at Ohio State on an oncology/emergency medicine fellowship). Plans were made to have another alumni-resident wellness get-together in the early fall.

Alumni Participation
Janice Shook (Class of 2014)
David Jones (Class of 1999)
James Chan (Class of 2012)
Creagh Boulger (Class of 2011), current faculty member
Hannah Hays (Class of 2011) as host and current faculty member

Resident Participation
Talitha Ashby (PGY 3)
Jason Bischof (PGY 3)
Mike Purcell (PGY 3)
Justin Carroll (PGY 2)
Sambita Basu (PGY 2)
Tatiana Thema (PGY 2)
Andrew Chou (PGY 1)